Why you Shouldn’t go Jogging in the Morning


There are many people who follow, or are forced to follow, strict exercise routines. People do whatever they can do stay fit. Fitness enthusiasts are always ready to put in some extra effort and compromise comfort just to stay fit. Apart from the daily gym, people do jogging, cycling and various other things to stay in shape most common of which is jogging. You would have often heard of the benefits of jogging.

Getting up early to jog

It is the common opinion of people that jogging is most beneficial when done early morning. Most people blindly follow this opinion. They get up early morning and go for jogging. To do so, they compromise their valuable sleep. Many people like to stay in the comfort of their bed early in the morning. Getting up early is not comfortable for many. However, for the sake of staying fit, they get up early and go for jogging.

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Getting enough sleep

For an early morning jog, many people compromise their sleep. However, you should prevent doing this. You should make sure that you give your body enough sleep. Sleep is essential for the metabolism of your body. If your body does not get enough sleep, you would gain some extra fat and carbohydrate. This is certainly not good for your health. If you have a habit of waking early, it doesn’t matter if you get early or not. If you are someone who loves sleep, you should not try to wake up early to jog.

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Jogging early in morning is actually not fruitful

You would be surprised by the fact that jogging early in morning is not as fruitful as you would think it to be. You may not believe the fact, but a recently held research has shown that human do not reach their athletic peak just after getting out of their bed. Instead, the athletic peak is reached long after you wake up from sleep. Yes, it is indeed true that you perform the best long after getting out of your bed.

The peak performance time depends on the time you wake up. It does not matter if you are someone who wakes up early or one who loves staying in the bed late. Even if you like getting up early, morning jogging does not help you a lot. According to the recent research if you are someone who wakes up early, you are supposed to perform best around mid-day. On the other hand, if you consider yourself to be a night owl and someone who wakes up late, you will perform best around 8 pm. If you consider yourself to be in between, your peak time shall be around 4 pm.

A great proof of this fact is the performance of English football players in Champions League. English players, who have a habit of playing in the afternoon for the league matches are seen to perform badly in Champions league matches, which start at night. On the contrast, they perform excellently in the league matches.

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What Are The most Popular Sport-Themed Board Games?


If you simply loved everything about sports but want to play in the indoor, then that is really not a problem. Sports have entered the world of board games as well, which will definitely make your day with your friends and family. For this, you simply need to check out these amazing sports themed board games that have been played all over the world.

Atlanta Braves Monopoly


The Major League of the baseball has given way to the America ‘s favorite game into the board, which have made it an ultimate board game in the world. This game has featured the best of the Atlanta Braves at its best. All the famous Braves players are there making the deal and taking the risk and win it all, to become a winner of this amazing board game.

My Major League Baseball

His game is baseball fans fantasy, if you always want to rate your favorite years in order to own and control all of them, then this is the game for you. The label of the team is removable and as well as reusable. This game will definitely bring the greatest baseball players, coaches in life and get the game going for all the players.

Boston Red Sox Monopoly


This is one of the collectors editing for the game of Red Sox fans, who always want to play the game in the best way. Here the players has to buy, sell and as well as trade some of the greatest players of the major baseball players and there have been new addition to some of the best players in the new edition of the game. This game also includes a 60-minute speed play to make the game shorter and a lot more fun as well.

Chicago Cubs Monopoly:

These Chicago cubs have been played all over the world. This game has included some of the best players of all time. If you really like to rule all the players by buying them all and winning the board game. A lot of tactics and strategies are required so that you can get through this game and become a winner and role the game as well.

Dallas Cowboys Monopoly


It is one of the most popular Board game in the world and is a five-time Super Bowl champions to give your the best fantasy players of the cowboy’s football experience. The players need to trade, some of the most valuable cowboy’s players by buying or selling them, and get the game in your hands and win it all.

If you have been getting bored staying inside the home all day and want to add the fun of sport with your board game, then the above-mentioned board games are some of the best games that you can try your hands on and make your best play with your friends and family.

How to Improve Your Endurance in One Month?

Having the Spirit of Sportsmanship is not an easy task. One needs to be patient to let the body learn its way to get accustomed with the up gradation of its present state to better. Every runner thrives to improve their present state towards improvement. As a beginner one will always try to cover more running area than the last day. Because an experienced runner will always try to enhance the endurance of speed i.e. the pace that they can cover considerable distances, without getting tired n exhausted.

Take up Training Plans

Whether you train your body the way, you want or by sustaining the energy that could help you survive longer. You can always take up training plans to do so as it will support you to do both, coverage plus endurance of speed. Thousands of runners have taken up such plans and are in the list of great runners now. Just running will never give you strength for keep pace with your body. You will always need to improve the stamina of other parts also.


Tricks for improving your endurance

There are certain tricks that are discussed below which will surely make it easy for you:

  • Regular intervals during running. Start with a warm up session by fifteen minutes of walking slowly then picking up the pace. Gradually start into jogging and then running.
  • Whenever you run, the stamina of your body is drained away. It is always nice to take little breaks during your sessions as it will regain the oxygen that you have lost while running period.
  • Try to have regular intervals combined with proper low and high density running.
  • Give ample time to your busy to adjust to the simple routine that you are following.
  • Once your body is accustomed to the interval process, then star with irregular intervals. Longer runs and little rest, and visa vice.
  • Train different parts of your body. Use weights while running for at least three times a week.
  • Do cycling that has high tension settings like the bike. As this will help, you to run hills without your knees getting over stressed. Do what- so- ever but do not strain your body by doing it for a longer period from the start.
  • Swimming is another way where you can build your stamina very quickly. And not only has it helped in improving stamina but also a good exercise to co- ordinate your limbs with your body and mind.
  • Skipping helps to improve your breathing and your muscles too.
  • Use pre workout supplements to increase the effectiveness of your training.


Some other techniques for improving endurance

Try to gradually improve your mileage by ten percent per week. During your weekends take a longer run. Don’t run with full speed and pace but by slowly increasing the pace. Run slow, run long should be the motto. Whether running on a treadmill or a terrain, consider giving inclined frequency to have cardiovascular workouts. Do remember to make a weekly schedule from day one to the last day of the week to assist you to remember what to do on different days. Also, follow a proper diet to facilitate you during the workout sessions.

By following the above- discussed points, you will sure be able to enhance your endurance in a month. You need to be motivated & patient.